Some of my proudest moments and life long coaching is seen in the accomplishments of my 3 sons... Robert, Marcus and Jake. They represent what it means to be a true student-athlete.  Without the hard work in the classroom, there wouldn't be the opportunity for success on the field or on the court.  


It's a pleasure to spend time with veteran coaches like Coach Hopper and Coach McCrone who have been working with young campers from grade 2 through to high school for 20+ years  in Barrie. Thanks for inviting me and bringing BAck to BasICs to the kids up there. 

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    2012 Cadet Men's National Team

    Jake #5 (front row left) had the honour of representing Canada in France and Lithuania for the FIBA World Champions as well as in Puerto Rico for the 2012 Americas Team Camp hosted by the NBA. Jake earned a full scholarship to Appalachian State in Boone, N.C. which competes in the Sun Belt. Jake played in 90 D-1 games over 3 years from 2014-17 against powers like Duke and North Carolina. Jake is currently working a post grad Masters degree and playing basketball at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.