Some of my proudest moments and life long coaching is seen in the accomplishments of my 3 sons... Robert, Marcus and Jake. They represent what it means to be a true student-athlete.  Without the hard work in the classroom, there wouldn't be the opportunity for success on the field or on the court.  


It's a pleasure to spend time with veteran coaches like Coach Hopper and Coach McCrone who have been working with young campers from grade 2 through to high school for 20+ years  in Barrie. Thanks for inviting me and bringing BAck to BasICs to the kids up there. 

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    Rototor Cuff Surgery

    A few pictures of my procedure. Had 2 full thickness tears (very bad!) which meant I couldn't shoot a basketball for 10 months. The videos on this site were shot this past September 2015...a full year after surgery. A long road back but I'm still working on my shoulder AND my shot. 2018 update...finally benching my weight and shooting 95%+ from FT. Thx Dr. V in G Town.